Fee-free training now available for our Emotional Intelligence short courses!!!

Eligible students can now access nationally accredited short course training in Emotional Intelligence!

Through our Emotional Intelligence short course training, YOU will learn:


How to develop and use emotional intelligence, AND

How to influence others when you communicate with them


Because you’re completing your training through a short course, you can begin to apply these critical management skills to your role STRAIGHT AWAY!


Still want to do the full BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership & Management qualification?  GREAT! The units covered in this course are nationally accredited and are eligible for credit transfer!


So, STOP putting off your much needed education and start achieving with one of our short course training programs and APPLY NOW!

Face to Face & Online Training Available

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Our Trainers

Our dedicated and highly qualified team of trainers at Living Planit are amongst the best in the industry, and will help you develop the skills and competencies you need to build your career, or to make even greater contributions to your organisation. 

This training is subsidised by the

NSW Government.


How can you benefit by training through a short course training program?

  • Training is government subsidised* (don’t pay a THING!).

  • Complete units specific to your line of work (level up your abilities for your career).

  • Short duration (minimise the impact on your work/life balance).

  • Complete the full course later! Units taught are nationally accredited, so you’ll receive a statement of attainment upon completion.

*For eligible students only.  Click here to learn more.

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Are you an employer?  A short course training program is perfect to get your staff to skill up. They’ll learn valuable skills that they can deploy straight away in their roles, and the short time frames minimise impact to your business.

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Emotional Intelligence

(2 days training)

BSBLDR511 - Develop and use emotional intelligence

BSBLDR513 - Communicate with influence

April - 13, 27

May - 4, 18

June - 1, 12, 15, 21

This all sounds great but

how can I get started?

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Complete our

online application form.

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Our operations team will handle your application for government funding and will process your enrolment.

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Living Planit confirms your enrolment

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Attend our training and receive your statement of attainment!

It’s that simple!

Still unsure if this is right for you?  Contact our course advisor on 02 9233 3233 or email enquiries@livingplanit.com.au for more information!